My Experience with PlanetHoster Webhosting Company

One of the things that I have found the most difficult in my Internet Marketing career is to find a web hosting service that provides me with what I need and is reliable. I have been with at least 10 different hosting companies such as hostgator, godaddy, bluehost etc.. and they have all disappointed me in some way or another.

In the main I have used shared hosting to meet my requirements. There was no need in most cases for me to look at VPS hosting or a dedicated server. What I found with all of my previous web hosts is that the servers were overloaded and it was easy for problems to occur. I had many account shutdowns due to this.

Network and Server Speed

The speed that a web site loads is very important to me and this has never been great with any of the web hosts that I have used. I have always used web hosting where the servers were located in the United States because that has mainly been my target market.

But I have been let down time and time again with network and server speed. I mainly use WordPress and my websites are fairly simple in their design. Yet despite this they are usually very slow to load and I know that this is affecting my Google ranking positions.

A Trusted Friend recommended Planethoster

A really good friend of mine that has been in the Internet Marketing business for many years recommended Planethoster to me. He had nothing to gain from this except for the satisfaction of seeing me happy about my web host for a change.

planethoster review

I checked out their website. They offered all of the usual things such as domain name registration, one click install for WordPress, unlimited site installations with some plans and so on. So what was so different about them?

Well the first thing is that they have server locations in Canada and France. I was a little apprehensive about hosting in Canada because I thought that my American customers would suffer even more with page load speed.

I decided to have a live chat session with Planethoster. Their response was very fast and this was the first thing that impressed me. I have waited what seems like ages for other web hosting companies to join a livechat.

I explained my concerned to them about speed and they told me not to worry. The majority of their customers who hosted in Canada were serving the United States market, and because their network and servers were so fast they had very good page speed times.

Words are cheap right? Well what they said next really shocked me. They said “why don’t you try it out for free?” They have a World Lite package which is free for one website. You can easily upgrade to one of the other plans if you are satisfied. So I tried it for a while and was very satisfied. The service was faster than the American hosts I had used.

Other Great things about Planethoster

After I migrated most of my websites to Planethoster, my friend asked me what I liked the best about the service. For me the number one benefit was the network and server speed. Second to this was the great support that Planethoster offered.

I had a few issues migrating some of my existing websites to my new Planethoster account. The support people were really helpful and they clearly know their stuff. There were some interesting technical problems along the way and they were able to solve them quickly and competently.

The other great thing about Planethoster is their free account offering. This is only available for their World Platform hosting plans (as far as I know) but it is a great way to test them out to see if they live up to the positive things that others are saying about them.

Do Plantehoster live up to the positive things that others are saying about them? I would say certainly yes!